I want to make you feel pretty. Because you already are.

We've all spent many, many years being told what "pretty" should look like. Cosmetic companies, magazines, fashion… they've all made their businesses out of making women feel bad about themselves. I aim to do the exact opposite.

I truly believe that all women are beautiful — no matter what — and that if someone is telling you that you must buy X product or do X… then they're likely just profiting from womens' insecurities. In my eyes, makeup is a tool to empower women to feel confident and beautiful. I would never tell someone that they "need" anything.

On your wedding day, it's important to realize the camera erases a lot of detail in people's faces. Proper makeup for photography is something most women aren't super cognizant of. That's where I come in. I want to make sure your features are highlighted so your full range of expressions will be captured beautifully in your photos. In addition, I aim to make sure you'll look fantastic and natural in person for many hours.

Anni Bruno